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The Pilates + Natasha (31 min)

The Latest • 30m

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  • The Pilates Workshop + Dominique (31 ...

    How to Connect to your Core! A workshop on how to effectively engage your core throughout all your movement practices!
    Dominique has created this resource for you to dive into the details you might not be able to get in the middle of a class. We explore what exactly your ‘core’ is (hint; it's not...

  • The Release + Sunny (50 min)

    A yin yoga offering created for you to restore the body in a gentle practice where postures, with a focus on the upper back to release tension around shoulders, positions are held for several minutes. The Release supports the body’s healing of injury, making it an effective physiotherapeutic prac...

  • The Pilates + Shari (24 min)

    Focus on alignment, breathing and developing a strong core, while improving coordination and balance. Working with props such as resistance bands and weighted balls, you will isolate and strengthen specific muscle groups. Open to all levels, The Pilates is essential if you have a regular movement...

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