The Latest

The Latest

The Latest
  • The Power Flow + Angela (51 min)

    Fire up your core in this Vinyassa class with Ang! A mat is recommended.

  • The Cardio + Emily (34 min)

    Work up a sweat with Emily in this quick cardio class. Mat and runners optional.

  • The Restore + Michelle (31 min)

    Join Michelle for this restorative class designed to help put the body to sleep. Make this class a part of your nightly routine! A blanket, bolster, blocks and mat are recommended for this relaxing class.

  • The Meditation + Sunny (11 min)

    Ready to relax and heal the body? In this class, Sunny leads you through a Yoga Nida meditation. Find a comfortable laying down position, cover yourself up with a blanket and settle into your body. Blankets and a bolster are recommended for this class.

  • The Pilates + Amber (59 min)

    Focus on alignment, breathing and developing a strong core, while also improving coordination and balance in this Pilates class with Amber. Working with weighted balls, you will isolate and strengthen specific muscle groups in the arms and legs. Open to all levels.

  • Arm Toning + Emily (19 min)

    Join Emily in this upper body and arm toning class. Two hand weights and a mat are recommended for this class.

  • Power Flow + Angela (55 min)

    Explore, transform and deepen your practice with Ang in this dynamic vinyasa flow class focusing on conditioning the glutes. In this class, Ang will cue you for advanced variations of arm balances and inversions to bring more heat and vigour into the body. This class will challenge your body + m...

  • The Power Pilates + Aley (30 min)

    Move, stretch and tone all the muscles you didn't even know you had with Aley in this Pilates class. For this class, you will need a stability/squishy ball and a resistance band of your choice.

  • The Flow + Michelle (10 min)

    Feeling a little sluggish? Wake your mind and body up with Michelle in this quick practice that utilizes ayurvedic techniques to energize the body. A mat is recommended for this class.

  • The Meditation + Michelle (18 min)

    Join Michelle in this guided meditation practice where you will use your breath to come into the body bringing awareness and stillness to the mind.

  • The Postnatal Yoga + Ashley (30 min)

    Join Ashley in this safe and gentle Flow class designed for the Postnatal body. For this class, one blanket, two blocks and a bolster are needed.

  • The Barre + Chiara (30 min)

    Sculpt. Align. Sweat.

    A fun and effective ballet barre-inspired workout that will create lasting results. Strengthen, lengthen + transform your body from head to toe with Chiara. This class will improve your balance, flexibility and alignment while creating long, lean muscle definition. This pr...

  • The Cardio + Emily (35 min)

    Get your heart rate up and your sweat on in this high-intensity Cardio class with Emily! Running shoes are optional. Mat and water are recommended.

  • The Power Pilates + Stav (30 min)

    This upbeat, fast-moving class with Stav focuses on working multiple muscle groups at once using your own body resistance and a resistance band. You’ll feel muscles you didn’t even know existed! Strengthen your core, increase your flexibility and your stamina while toning your body to great music...

  • Mixed Movement + Aley (32 min)

    Join Aley in this quick Mixed Movement class moving you through both yoga + pilates techniques to tone, stretch and strengthen the body. Two toning balls are recommended for this class.

  • The Flow + Sunny (60 min)

    Join Sunny in this creative Flow practice utilizing a wooden dowl as a prop! The dowel is used to help support the body by elongating, balancing and aligning throughout the practice. This class is suitable for all levels. A dowel or stick the height from your hip to the floor is what is recommend...

  • The Power Flow + Zahra (31 min)

    The Power Flow is vinyasa style yoga that moves you from one posture to another with fluidity and grace. Stretch, twist, and tone your way to presence and bliss. In this class, Zahra leads you in a full-body sequence. Mat and blocks suggested.

  • The Power Flow + Nora (60 min)

    Join Nora in this Vinyasa Power Flow class as you work your way into the inversion arm balance, Pincha Mayurasana. You will need a mat and 2 blocks for this class.

  • The Prenatal Yoga + Ashley (45 min)

    Hey Mamas-to-be, this class is for you! Join Ashley in this safe yoga practice to move and breathe into your body with confidence and care. For this class you will need a mat, bolster, blanket and 2 blocks.

  • The Warm Up + Sunny (11 min)

    The Warm-Up is a companion class to Sunny's Workshop Classes. Become present with the breath, introduce your body to some sun salutations and twist before diving into a longer offering. All levels welcome.

  • The Barre + Emily (39 min)

    This full-body Barre workout will move into the many tiny muscle groups throughout the body. Use a barre, counter, or chair for support to move through this class. A resistance band and mat are suggested for this class.

  • The Barre + Chiara (29 min)

    Join Chiara in this full-body Barre workout! You'll flow through various postures in this class using a chair or counter as support.

  • The Arm Toning + Amber (21 min)

    In this short Pilates-inspired class Amber will lead you through arm-only exercises to tone and build strength. Toning balls are recommended for this class.

  • The Barre + Chiara (23 min)

    Tone your arms in this Barre-inspired workout with Chiara! Focus on smaller muscle groups in the arms to tone and build strength in places you didn't even know you had. 1-3 lb hand weights are recommended for this practice.