Pilates Barre Bootcamp

Pilates Barre Bootcamp

Ready to get fit, energized, and strong at home?

Join Kerry Heming's 4-Week Pilates Barre Bootcamp Program! This program will focus on fitness, nutrition, and positive lifestyle habits that will take your health to the next level.

The fitness component of the program is 8 45-minute Pilates Barre Bootcamp classes that are hosted 2x/week, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. These classes will be streamed live online so you can literally roll out of bed, put your workout gear on, and get right to work without the stress of commuting and showing up on time (yay!).

Classes will also be recorded and available to access at anytime after the live stream.

What is Pilates Barre Bootcamp?

Pilates Barre Bootcamp is Kerry's signature heart-pumping, body-burning, low-impact fitness class! This 45-minute workout will combine interval & resistance training methods with Kerry's favourite Pilates and Barre moves, making each exercise dynamic, challenging, and fun. Expect to strengthen your deep core muscles, add tone + length to your body, improve your balance, coordination, and endurance!

This workout will make you sweat, laugh, and feel totally awesome. You are guaranteed to feel the burn in this class and will feel completely reenergized for the rest of your day!

Kerry will encourage you to use props to further challenge yourself throughout the program (weights, resistance bands + squish ball) but this program can be done completely without props if necessary.

What is the Nutrition Plan?

In addition to the workouts, you’ll receive a 4-week done-for-you meal plan that is 100% Dietician Approved. This guide (designed for both women and men) is completely customizable based on your individual needs, and we encourage you to get the whole family/household involved!

You’ll receive a complete recipe manual with healthy, delicious, filling & easy-to-make recipes for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners (with both veggie and meat options). These recipes will be scheduled out in your easy-to-follow meal plan and you are welcome to flip/flop meals within the plan as you like.

You will also receive a Success Guide, to read before you officially begin the program. This guide is loaded with information about the nutrition component of the program, why it is effective, why it is set up the way it is, and how you can live a healthy lifestyle without letting go of your favourite foods!

What Else is Included?

Accountability! If you've struggled with completing programs or achieving your goals in the past... you've come to the right place! We know how challenging it can be to stay motivated and on track when trying something new... especially when you're going at it alone. That's why Kerry is going to connect with you regularly throughout the program to make sure you're staying on track!

So... Are you ready to get started?

Here's a recap of what's included:

8 total classes = 2 classes/week for 4 weeks (streamed live or watch the recording)
4-week Meal Plan + Recipe Manual
Success Guide
Weekly Grocery Lists
Accountability Emails
Bonus #1: Goal Setting Worksheet
Bonus #2: Gut Health Guide + Recipe Manual
Bonus #3: Dining Out Guide

Join us this October for the 4-week Pilates Barre Bootcamp Program!

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Pilates Barre Bootcamp

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